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Record with multiple cameras


Viso provides easy management of all rooms/locations on the network from one central location. Managers or trainers can easily start and stop recordings in different rooms independently from one another; this provides flexibility to the facility, by allowing multiple trainers to use the system at the same time, even for different projects.

Recording options in Viso

Viso offers you three different possibilities for recording a session:

  1. Single session recording
    This is the default recording option for a single recording of 1 room.
  2. Separate session recording
    Multiple rooms can be selected. For each selected room, a separate session is recorded. It enables you to start recording videos in multiple rooms at exactly the same time.
  3. Composite session recording
    Multiple rooms can be selected. You can capture the scenarios in these different rooms and Viso combines the recordings into one single session.


In this animation, we give an example of how the composite session recording option works in a healthcare setting.

Quick debriefing

Recorded videos are immediately available for debriefing, and the system is instantly ready to make new recordings. This means no waiting to start a new session while you debrief on the previous session!

When working with a large number of trainees, it is impossible to attend and assess every session. Viso takes this worry away by recording training sessions, providing immediate feedback to trainees during a debriefing session, and including markers for behavioral annotation either during or after the recording.

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